Wife Carrying Contest

Boghopper Brewery presents the inaugural

Wife Carrying Contest

July 31st, Muff festival field

Big congrats to to Paul Grant and Amy Hamilton winners of our innagural wife carrying contest.

How would you like to win your wife’s weight in beer? Not married? That’s okay, just grab the neighbour’s wife and run! If you can carry her over our short course, dodging those few tricky obstacles, in the shortest time, you can trade her in for beer at the other end.

Entry into the competition is only permitted upon agreement to the following rules and conditions:

  • All entrants must be aged 18 or over on the day of competition (ID will be checked upon entry so bring it with you.)
  • All teams must be made up of one male and one female with the male carrying the female.
  • Female competitors must agree to being weighed prior to competition.
  • The minimum female entry weight is 50kg, anyone below that weight must carry a backpack containing ballast to bring them up to the 50kg limit.
  • The wife to be carried can be your own, or someone else’s – who are we to judge?
  • The only equipment allowed is a belt (worn by the carrier) and a helmet (worn by the carried.)
  • No part of the wife may touch the ground before reaching the finish line and to do so will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Depending on the number of entrants, the race may be run in heats with a grand final to decide the ultimate winners.
  • Each contestant is responsible for their own safety, and must ensure their medical fitness to enter- Bog Hopper Brewery accepts no responsibility for any injuries, loss of life or limb, or any unwanted pregnancies arising from this event.
  • Contestants must follow instructions as given by the organisers.
  • The prize weight includes beer and all packaging.

Our wife carrying contest Our wife carrying contest
winners Paul Grant and Amy Hamilton winners Paul Grant and Amy Hamilton
New wife carrying technique New wife carrying technique